Location Dates Activity/Location
Sechura Desert Oct 12th - 13th Crossing the border into Peru, camping at "Poo Beach"
Sipan Oct 13th cont'd Visiting the King of Sipan's tomb
Tucume and Huanchaco Oct 14th - 17th Visiting Tucume ruins and moving on down the Panamerican to Huanchaco
Chan Chan Oct 17th cont'd Visiting Chan Chan, ruined capital of the Chimu Empire
Río Santa Valley and Cañón del Pato Oct 18th Drive to the Callejón de Huaylas via the Rìo Santa Valley and the Cañón del Pato
Yungay and Llagunas Llanganuco Oct 19th Visiting Yungay, devastated by the 1970 earthquake, and camping at the Llagunas Llanganuco
Pastoruri Valley Oct 20th - 21st The Weasel gets a wash, camping near the Puya Raimondii plants
Chavín Oct 20th - 21st cont'd Visiting Chavín de Huantar ruins
Chavín, Llagunas Llanganuco and Barranca Oct 22nd - 23rd Two long driving days from Chavín to the Llagunas Llanganuco and then onto Barranca and the Panamerican
Paracas National Park Oct 24th Nightmare day dealing with corrupt police
Nasca Oct 25th - 26th Flying over the Nasca Lines
Chauchilla and Puerto Inca Oct 27th Visiting the mummies at Chauchilla and the drive to Puerto Inca
Colca Canyon and the Cruz del Condor Oct 28th - 29th Drive to Colca Canyon and a wild camp, but no condors
Arequipa Oct 30th - Nov 2nd Melt in your mouth steaks, a visit to the Santa Catalina Convent and a large open air mass
Puno Nov 3rd - 4th Driving to Puno and a pageant dedicated to the founding of Puno