Listed below are links to sources of information or suppliers that we have used in getting geared up for the trip.

Cool Overlander Sites 
Superb adventures of Tom and Barry in South America. This site was the root cause of our trip after Ed found it whilst surfing. It's all your fault boys!
Great site with links to many trip sites.
Motocycle travel site but with a huge amount of info revelant to other modes of transport.
Kerry and James travel South America in a 130
General info site about overland travel.
4x4 Expedition outfitters and suppliers 


Conrico have been exceptionally good to us. Special thanks to Tony, Neil and the rest of the chaps in the workshop for all their hard work and advice. They performed our pre-trip servicing, fitted the side windows, bullbar, uprated suspension and recovery points as well as putting together a spares kit and supplying lots of interesting goodies. They also helped by putting us in contact with their shipping agents Ocean Express.(Thanks Sarah.)

Footloose 4x4

Paul and Chris at Footloose 4x4 have been a great help with information and advice - especially on South America where they have experience in organising a HERO rally. They supplied our fridge, Old Man Emu suspension upgrades, 12 Volt Inverter, National Luna battery manager, water filter and shower amongst other things. Paul did us a good deal on a hand winch and recovery kit as well.

Trek Overland

Trek Overland supplied our Howling Moon roof tent and shower curtain. Tim and Claire were very helpful, Tim spending lots of time talking to us about equipment options and suggesting suppliers.

Scorpion Racing
Scorpion racing supplied the fuel tank guard, waffles, steel cubby box, spot lights, map pockets plus other bits and pieces. Very helpful when we returned our window guards. 
K.P.C Book Protection

Supply made to measure and standard sized welded book wallets. Perfect for keeping your workshop manual and guide books in pristine condition.



Made some great stubby coolers with the overlandy web address printed on the side. Great for keeping the beers cool on those hot summer days.


Supplied neat "Euro" stacking boxes with lids for all our junk in the back. We spent about 2 hours at their warehouse where we could play with all the different box sizes and workout how they best fitted into the Landy. 
Land Rover Related  
The Land Rover Club of Chile.