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San Pedro de Atacama Driving through another Valle de la Luna
El Tatio Geysers Camping at the highest Geyser field in the world
Parque Nacional Pan de Azucar Camping in the National Park
Vina del Mar and the Land Rover Club de Chile Region V

A warm welcome from the Land Rover Club of Chile (Region V)

Parque Nacional Radal Siete Tazas and Salto del Laja Walking in the park and meeting huge spiders!
Parque Nacional Conguillio A wet couple of days camping and walking
Villarrica Camping near the active Villarrica volcano
Carretera Austral 1  
Carretera Austral 2  
Carretera Austral 3  
Carretera Austral 4  
Carretera Austral 5  
Carretera Austral 6  
Carretera Austral 7  
PN Torres del Paine - Las Torres Christmas Day at Las Torres
PN Torres del Paine - Los Cuernos Camping on the shores of Lago Pehoe within sight of the Cuernos
PN Torres del Paine - Lago Grey Hiking to Lago Grey
Hiking and Ice Climbing on Glacier Grey Crampons and ice axes!
Kayaking - Serrano Glacier Kayaking in the Fjord Ultima Esperanza and amongst the icebergs beneath the Serrano Glacier