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Sue's Bio

Having been Cabin Crew in a former life, I got very used to the five star hotel treatment. And then I met Ed. He promptly introduced me to the world of sleeping under canvas, and seven years later, it is still a very rare event for us not to take a tent on our travels. So the big trip in the Weasel is almost verging on luxury for us!

Biggest challenge for me over the next six months? Probably dealing with the unexpected. Anyone who knows me would say that I like to be organised, in control and to plan well. I think this will be nigh on impossible in South America. I can but try……..Let's hope I learn to accept the concept of "mañana" very quickly!!


Ed's Bio

I spent most of my formative years messing about on the Pembrokeshire Coastline where luckily enough none of the stupid things I got up to resulted in serious injury or a call out for the Air Sea Rescue. This probably accounts for my liking of open spaces and hair brained schemes like this trip. Having left University with 2 engineering degrees I ended up living in Surrey writing Unix device drivers and embedded code. From there I was tempted like a moth into the City where I spent 5 years working as a Market Data Consultant for Reuters. From there it was nothing but a wee hop into KPMG Consulting and then Atos KPMG Consulting as it later became.

Working at Reuters involved some international travel - Tokyo, New York, Geneva and Palo Alto and along with Sue's travel contacts I managed to keep the wanderlust at bay but the idea of "the big" trip has always been there. So finally we get to do it!

Best Outdoor Moments:

Camping on Clearwater lake Sue the Paddler