The Diary


30th December 2003 cont'd

Now ready to be let loose, we made our way out to the Fiordo Ultima Esperanza on the Serrano River for a bit of practice for a couple of hours. Although Ed had not been in a Kayak since his university days he was soon whizzing about making it look easy whilst I found my upper body strength lacking.

Ed and our guide Marco pull up a gill net with a great salmon attached. Marco held it while Ed bashed it on the head with the end of his paddle. That was supper sorted!


We headed into the Serrano Lagoon, paddling between vibrant-blue icebergs. When looking down into the lagoon the icebergs look tiny , but once you get in amongst them they seem massive. Amazing!

Back at the camp we changed into drier and warmer clothes and all helped out with getting dinner prepared. Our freshly caught salmon was poached for starters and Letti, one of our group, set about cooking a great pasta main course. ( The odd pisco sour was also consummed)

At both the Big Foot sites we had seen a tight rope strung up between trees. All the guides were practicing for a competition where they walk over a cravass at the end of the season. Ed had a go, but after a very close shave with the rope twanging up between his legs he decided caution was better than valour!

After dinner, we sat around the camp fire for a while chatting, and finishing off the pisco, before heading off to bed. It had been a long day.

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