The Diary


6th January 2004

Having already spent a day wandering around Ushuaia, we drove off for the day, wanting to take the weasel to the most southerly point possible on the South American continent.

We took the RN3 out of Ushuaia and then the RC-j, a rougher road heading towards Estancia Harberton. You reach the estancia after about 80km (about 1.5 hours). It was founded by Thomas Bridges in 1886, the first one in Tierra del Fuego. It is still run today by his descendents and you can join a guided tour to have a look around the estate. We just stopped here for a coffee and slice of cake in the cafe before carrying on.

The landscape felt quite desolate, and there were great views back towards Ushuaia and in the direction of the "end of the world". It would be a good place to camp - very remote and peaceful, and we did see a few spots. If you do want to camp out here, though, you probably have to ask for permission at the estancia first. There are no facilities (no toilets or water), but there are some bushes/trees for shelter - imperative here as the weather was certainly living up to its windy reputation.

The effects of the wind on the landscape is only too apparent as you head further south. The whole area is dotted with trees twisted or knocked down by the wind.

We continued along the road, basically until it stopped abruptly. There is a small building which seemed to belong to the navy, so we didn't want to venture further. A guy came out with his dog to speak to us. We chattted for a while and he explained that he monitored the ships coming in and out of Ushuaia.

The "End of the World"

Back in town we stopped at a restaurant for some dinner, another fantastic, "melt-in-your-mouth" Argentinian steak, mashed potato and salad. It was good to be back in Argentina again!

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